Friday, January 15, 2010


Swiss Cottage Type Tents

For those who want to experience the Kalpavasa VratÀ from within the Kumbha Mela Kshetra, comes closest to the traditional idea of being a Kalpavasi

Accommodations offered are of Swiss type tents with certain modern facilities like electricity, bedding, security; Etc. Kalpavasis can expect the same experience as a traditional Kalpavasi staying inside the Mela Kshetra albeit with little more comforts. (Not recommended for the non-adventurous)

Complimentary Welcome pack including instructions guide, T-shirts, memorabilia, etc **
Complimentary Tour of Spiritual & Religious Places around Haridwar
Group security along with English speaking guide

Complimentary Breakfast and Dinner (Buffet)

  • All meals are vegetarian combined with milk & milk products; no meat can be consumed in Haridwar by Government order
  • Kalpavasis who wish to bath at the Ganges Ghats in the morning may opt for a lot brunch with prior intimation

Facilities Available

  • Double bedded Swiss type tent
  • Dessert coolers
  • Air-conditioning & room heater*
  • En-suite bathrooms, wake up service, etc
  • Running water
  • Multi-cuisine restaurant
  • 24 hours Access to all the areas of the Mela Kshetra
  • 24 hours on call Doctor*
  • Internet & Wi-Fi connections*
  • Currency Exchange
  • Laundry services*
These tents aren't cheap....something like $228 for 2 nights but....pretty cool.

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