Friday, January 15, 2010

Additional note:
Yes Kalapavasi is a tourism company selling packages....however, that the India Tourism board is reaching out and resonating with the BM community is pretty hip of them. They sent a load of incense out to the Playa with invitations printed on the package this past year. The film director for the Mela (and for many of Dali Lama's documentaries) assures me that pricey as the camp stay may seem for India, its worth it IF you want to camp at the Mela (see tent info below). Not so much more than a BM ticket for the days there.
I am an affiliate...meaning I can get up to 20% discount if we get 20 plus people there and there is a discount code should this be of interest. Anyone can become an affiliate, but its not going to amount to anything as a discount thing unless there are a fair amount of people (and that would get passed down)...its about getting people together there.


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  1. Hello - I'm totally interested. I actually live in Haridwar, so am here already and I was completely bummed to miss BM 2009, but only because I'm in India. I could be definite on this, sounds so perfect, just doing a bit more research, but am also interested in joining in for the affialiate discount. My email - Looking forward to hearing from you